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THERAPEUTIC or Deep Tissue massage is great for people who sit or stand in one position all day or who engage in physical activity on a regular basis. Muscles tend to compensate for one another, which can create an imbalance in the muscular structure of the body. Deep Tissue massage serves to ease the tension in over-compensating muscles and to alleviate stress on particular muscle groups.         30 min/$45     60 min/$80      90 min/$110 

HOT STONE massage is a specialty massage where heated stones are placed on the body while the therapist also uses stones as an extension of their hands to massage the client.  The heated stones quickly warm up tight muscles allowing the therapist to work deeper.  This massage is very relaxing and leaves the client feeling warmth deep in their muscles for hours after the session has ended.          60 min / $85      90 min / $115


BELLANINA FACELIFT Massage is a massage style facial that will leave you looking refreshed and feeling rejuvenated.  Clients love the results of the botanical products, the invigorating effects of the honey lift mask, the warm towels, with a surprise ending of a fabulous foot massage!  You will look and feel awesome from head to toe.     80 min / $90


CMT CLASSIC FACIAL includes cleansing, skin analysis, extractions, toner, moisturizer, mask with hands, arm, neck and shoulder massage.   

                                                                                                                              60 min / $75


RAINDROP THERAPY combines the art of aromatherapy, the techniques of Vita Flex (specialized form of reflexive massage that uses rolling and releasing motions) in the application of essential oils to various areas of the body.  This collection provides a revolutionary means of bringing balance and harmony to the body - physically, mentally, and emotionally.               60 min/$75  


MUDWRAP massage is a wonderful detoxifying body wrap. Warm, mineral rich mud enriches and nourishes your skin while heat from the wrap releases toxins from your body.        60 min /$90     90 min /$120


EXFOLIATION Massage a soothing formula is gently massaged onto your body, removing dry skin and softening elbows, heels, and knees. The treatment improves circulation, makes your skin glow, and leaves you completely relaxed. 
60 min/$80       90 min/$110  -  


Many customers find that adding aromatherapy to one their sessions increases relaxation, helps open the sinuses, facilitate in soothing muscles.  Example: lavender - soothing, eucalyptus - respiratory    Add to your session for $19


PRENATAL massage shares many of the goals of regular massage ­– to relax tense muscles, ease sore spots, improve circulation and mobility, and just make mom-to-be feel good.   It is tailored specifically to the needs of pregnant women and their changing bodies.          30 min/ $45     60 min/$70       90 min/$95

CUSTOM SWEDISH massage is our signature massage customized for you !   A combination of relaxing swedish and therapeutic techniques are utilized to address areas of pain or discomfort.  This is the massage to choose for help in reducing stress and pain.              30 min/$45      60 min/$70       90 min/$100


TRIGGER POINT Massage addressed tight areas within muscle tissue that causes pain in other parts of the body. Trigger Point Massage therapy is specifically designed to alleviate the source of the pain through cycles of isolated pressure and release.  60 min/$80         90 min/$110


SPORTS massage addresses specific needs of athletes. It incorporates components of Swedish massage, cross-fiber friction massage, deep tissue massage and trigger point therapy.  Sports massage can be used during training, before or after events, to enhance performance, or promot healing post injury.       30 min/$45       60min/$70       90min/$100


WAXING :  Eyebrows $15      Upper Lip $10    Chin  $10   Underarm  $15   Bikini  $30


CHAIR massage - available in your office or ours.  A chair massage is a type of body work performed while the client is sitting in a special chair.  It allows you to lean forward so your neck and shoulder are easy for the therapist to reach, as these are the areas of concentration.   $1.00 per minute   -   Minimum of 10 with maximum of 20


OUTCALLS - Some clients would prefer to have their massage in the comfort of their own home.  We offer outcall services for single client, couples or for parties.     Call for pricing.


THE ULTIMATE - a combination Bellanina Facelift and Therapeutic Massage.          120min/$140

Ask about our unique Custom Client Combo massage options - (734) 451 - 7880.    If you are unsure of the type of massage you would like, simply call and let us know your symptoms and we can make a recommendation.  If we do not have the expertise on staff for a particular massage, we will be happy to refer you.

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